Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So Many Clothes...

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ok, so it finally feels like spring in our little corner of the world. and while i am certain that we are not officially done with winter aka. SNOW, i do know that it is time to start unpacking all the summer attire and begin to put away the winter.

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so if you are in the business of hand-me-downs, then you know about storing your kids clothes. whether you save them for the next child of yours, your sister's or to sell somewhere, keeping those clothes can be a challenge. i have used many different types of containers, and as i have 4 kids i use LOTS of them, but my favorite for the past almost 3 years has been these HUGE variety of ziplock bags. i can shove nearly an entire wardrobe in there, zip it up, then toss it into the attic, or where ever you put your stuff. i have run out of under-the-bed space, so these soft bags are a life saver for me! i have 2 tips for you savers out there:

1. put your "all done" clothes away clean, and put in 1 or 2 fabric softener sheets before closing. now, when it's time to pull out those clothes next year (or 2), they will smell great, and you won't have to do any laundry!
2. if you keep up with your ironing, and then the seasons change on you, store those nicely pressed clothes in a "hard" container of sorts, don't forget the softener sheets, and then next year (or 2) they are ready for wearing!

all of these tips work on yours and your hubbies clothes also! while you are probably not changing sizes like your kids, it is nice to put away the clothes you don't need for a few months and have space in your closet!

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kelly said...

I agree, these are brillaint! Liz shared this amazing tip with me before I moved cross country last year. It was a fantastic life and space saver. I hadn't been doing teh dryer sheets, but I think that's the missing elemnt to perfection. Thanks!