Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Super Special Birthday Kid!

image courtesy of interpretthis.net

i love birthdays. in fact, i probably do too much, but i really want my kids to have 1 day a year that is super special, and just for them. now, we don't encourage any kind of selfish or bratty behavior, but i do plan activities (and sometimes the whole day) with birthday kid fun! things i do (and so can you):
*register at your local mall (customer service) they usually send out birthday cards, and sometimes coupons that can be redeemed for gifts
*register @ local toy stores (the biggies) they ALWAYS send out coupons, i usually get at
least 2 per child, plus a birthday card
*look through all those silly local coupons that come in the mail, for ice cream savings (or another treat)
*register @ build-a-bear, & receive coupons
*honestly, registering at any store is a great idea, and you always receive perks of some kind!

i save all these excellent coupons, find a sitter for the kids who aren't in school, and head out for a couple hours of mama-birthday kid-time. skipping school is an option, if you are in to that! we have so much fun, especially since one-on-one parent/child time is a rarity in our home. really, it's more of a gift to me. i love being with my kids, and just "being".

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Rachel said...

Thanks for the ideas! I look at this site every day I am really enjoying it!