Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tip Request: moving to a toddler bed

We really love getting tip requests from THE PEOPLE and giving THE OTHER PEOPLE a chance to respond with their own bits of wisdom. Sometimes these requests turn into a whole month of tips (potty training!) and other times a single post. Here is our first tip request for ya'll to help out with:

Erica has requested tips for moving her two year old to a big girl bed.

Well Erica, like potty training, almost everyone has some advice on this topic. Mine? I've only done this with my daughter (my son sleeps in a sleep sack still so he can't climb) and found that approaching it with mix of reward and discipline worked. If Afton got out of bed she would lose a toy(ssssssss) for a whole day, but if she stayed put she would earn a special treat or a sticker for her behavior chart. She caught on pretty quick.

Let's give Erica lots of ideas on this topic!!


Dick&Erica said...

So I got Ella to be really excited about sleeping in her toddler bed. She LOVES it! But now she wakes up at 5 am and goes downstairs by herself. How do I teach her that she can't just get out of bed when she wakes up?

Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

At our house, no one can get out of bed before the sun wakes up. maybe that will help Ella.

Eventually the newness wears off and tiredness will take over!

aftie and ella's mamma said...

i just talked up how fabulous it is to sleep in a grown-up girl bed and neither of my girls had much of a problem. we also usually pick new decor for the room (i only have two children) with the girls help, so they are excited to see their room come together and new sheets and blankets, etc on their new bed.

christy said...

i kept books and quiet toys by the bed so if the kids wake up too early they have something to do! no one is supposed to get up before i do @ 6:30, & this helps some. make sure the room is plenty dark too with shades. put a label next to the clock in her room that shows what time she is allowed to get up. for example, if it's 7, then draw a clock with the hands inthe 7 position, or print off a digital clock face that says 7. then ella can match it up. i have read that helps, but i have never had a clock in the little kids room! good luck honey!