Monday, April 14, 2008

Make-Up Food

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alright, so apologies are necessary. i was crazy sick on friday, and the whole weekend, so i didn't post a fabulously easy recipe for you to try. here is the make-up. a delicious, decadent and deceptively easy dark velvet torte from sunset magazine. i love this recipe! it is so easy you can make it for a family treat, but it is so amazing that you won't have any problem dazzling guests with it either!

i have 2 tips to help you out: 1. please, follow the directions, especially not overbaking! although, perfectly acceptable to melt chocolate & butter in a double-boiler. and 2. use the best chocolate you can. honestly, i recommend ghiradelli chocolate chips, they are perfect in this recipe.

this photo was taken from emeril's version. i am positive it is delicious, but it is much more time consuming and i have yet to try it out! thank you to emeril for making it though! i just popped mine into the oven in time for fhe! yummy yummers!

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