Tuesday, April 29, 2008



just a friendly reminder from your neighborhood tip spot, that we are ready to answer your tip requests! every tuesday we would like to focus on 1 or 2 tips that YOU as readers have asked for help with, and then ask YOU readers to give out the tips! email us @ thetipspot@gmail.com with any of your questions, and we will get them answered, and sometimes focus a whole month on your question, and who knows you just might be REWARDED for asking!

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kristenita said...

tips I would like to get:

stain removal - blood (christy, really?), stuff in the carpet (I like oxyclean or nature's miracle), stains on the walls (darn that matte paint), etc... what works REALLY?

but the missing tip that is killing me lately! what about getting labels off of jars? I always want to reuse good big jars but the dang labels are sometimes SO hard to get off - a hot soapy soak just doesn't work sometimes.