Monday, April 14, 2008

Water Painting

today's painting craft, is super easy & super free! water painting requires very little materials, but it is high on the fun meter & on low on the mess meter which makes it my #1 way for kids to paint at my house! you need:

*bowl of water (size should reflect the responsibility level of the child)
*painting "tool", i like q-tips and brushes
*item to be painted

the most enjoyable part of this craft is that it is transferable to nearly any surface, and age level. if your child can grasp, she can "paint"!

haven is painting on colored construction paper here, which dries after a couple of hours so you can reuse for another occasion. but we also paint on chalkboards (good craft while you are on the computer), outside on the sidewalk, and even on my walls. really the sky is the limit, and who doesn't have some water and q-tips laying around ready to party?

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