Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back in the Water Again!

idea from that toddler fun book we are always mentioning
it all began with the curious incident of the poo in the bathtub. definitely haven. she has since been scared of the bath, unless i am in there with her. and really sometimes that is not on my agenda. but a few days ago i popped a couple of these crazy bath cubes in, and all her fears have gone the way the poo should have, far and away. here is how you can save your sanity:

*fill an ice cube tray with water
*squeeze several drops of food coloring into each section
*pop out, put in the bath

i think you might want to set aside a tray for this purpose, mine are very colorful! i have not had any troubles with staining kids or the tub, and everything (including the aforementioned poo) likes to stain my tub. even the bigger kids like this one!


The Favorite said...

Fun idea!
We just discovered that Crayola makes these color bath tablets that look like Easter egg dye things, but they turn the water colors without staining your tub or the kids.

Rachel said...

This is a very fun idea. Alright, I'm going to take a bath.