Friday, May 9, 2008

How to be a Mom and Still...Be You!

have you recently asked yourself: who am i really? of course you are a mom, and a million things associated with that title, but what about YOU? this is a thoughtful question, and seriously deserves being attended to so, while you are pondering YOURself, i will share a bit of me! i was a dancer, cheerleader, student, massage therapist, friend, sister and quiet-time advocate before i was a mom. those labels are ME. and when i started tossing a few to the side, and eventually nearly all of them, i felt a little sad (i of course didn't understand WHY at the time). being a mom is the human equivalent of defining the word "sacrifice", and we need that desire to give, and to give-up some selfish desires, it makes the world a better place. however, what we don't need is a bunch of moms feeling like they are only a housekeeper or nose-wiper. hopefully, you haven't lost much of who you really are, and here are a few tips that i have been incorporating into the ME i lost:

*participate! go to events where you are invited, and talk to people other than the ones you arrived with. even better talk to a few you don't know at all
*join a club: knit? find a club. sing? start a band. if you like to read join a book club. nearly every bookstore has 1 or more to choose from, or grab a few other bibliophiles and start your own
*get out! sometimes you just need to leave your family and celebrate you! make sure you wait til your spouse or sitter shows up before you run to your car!
*make a list of who you were, and find ways to make them who you are now!

i love, love being a mom! but after several years, i was starting to question what i was doing at home. taking care of you is just as important as taking care of your family. keep yourself healthy and happy, and you will in turn take care of your glorious family even better! i am getting better, but i am positive that you have more thoughts to help me out!


Hailey Happens said...

Couldn't have said it better!

kristenita said...

I think this is SSSSSSSSSSSO important! a lost mom is not a happy mom.

*I also danced & found a great studio that has lots of adult classes - and lucky for everyone, they are in the evenings when my Little is in bed! it has been WONDERFUL for me -I didn't realize how MUCH I missed it until I started up again.
* there are also tons of community education classes I've been wanting to take - it's nice to have a "class" or "group" to go to every week & learn something new or work on something that I "used to do" so that I can remember who I am & not get too lost.

abbyjane said...

amen amen amen.