Thursday, May 15, 2008

Book Giveaway-By Guest Tip Mom Sarah

After getting to know some of you this week at "The Tip Spot"I thought it would be fun to host a giveaway. All I am asking is if you would leave a comment at this post and let us know your FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK and FAVORITE ADULT NOVEL.

One lucky winner will receive this rabbit stuffed animal and a hard copy of the book "Guess How Much I Love You" by Sam McBratney.

The winner will be randomly choosen. Please post your comment by Monday May 19th. The winner will be announced on Tuesday May 20th. Good luck!!

p.s. Tomorrow is my last day at "The Tip Spot." Thank you to Christy and Lizzy for allowing me to be guest tip mom of the week!!!


kristenita said...

ooh! I love giveaways!
way too hard to pick just ONE favorite though! good job sarah as the guest mama.

favorite book when I was a child: anne of green gables
favorite adult novel: a prayer for owen meany (by john irving)

Rachel and Tyler said...

I agree with Kristen- pick just one. I'll go with Where the red fern grows for a kid book (my Mom read it to me when I was fairly young) and Jane Eyre for older book (I feel like I am cheating my other favorites by not listing them- oh well). It's been fun reading your entries!

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

I have always loved "I'll Love you Forever" for the kids book!

And then adult book changes almost weekly but my classic favorite is "Pride and Prejudice".

christy said...

i can't be in the giveaway, but i wanted to share anyway! favorite kids book is wemberley's ice cream star, and i have to say ALL of the twilight books for the adult one, although jane eyre is right behind them!

Ellie's Mama said...

My favorite kid book is "Owl Moon" by Jane Yolen - such a sweet story about Daddy and his child.

My favorite grown-up book is "Marley and Me" by John Grogan (you have to be a dog person to truly enjoy this book).

The Davies Family said...

Hmm favorite book as a child: A little Princess
Favorite Novel as an adult: wow, that is soo hard to narrow down..hmm I really liked Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradburry..

Brooke said...

Favorite Children's Book: Roger Podger's Upside Down Day - so much fun to read aloud.
Favorite adult novel: Fifth Business by Robertson Davies

Meghan And Peter Huntsman said... giveaways! I wish I could be a part of more of these.

adult book- even though it is young adult, i love the twilight series
childrens book- the very hungry caterpiller...always a fav of mine

Maria said... Sarah a book nerd or what? :)

Favorite children's book: Goodnight Moon

Favorite adult book: The Poisonwood Bible

The Favorite said...

Mu favorite Children's Book is "To Everything There is a Season" by Leo and Diane Dillon- so beautiful!!

I have lots of favorite Adult books but I like Persuasion by Jane Austin and my favorite Juvenille Fiction is Long Way from Chicago.


bethany said...

I love this book!! My favorite book when I was growing up was Caps for Sale. I love love love Pope Joan for me now-read it!!

Mark and Katie said...

There are so many great children's books but the one I remember reading with my mom is "the monster at the end of this book". Good old Grover! I love the twilight series by Stephanie Meyer