Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hook it up Baby!

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do you have troubles with getting your kids to hang up their towels when they are finished with them? or maybe the culprit is your beloved hubby? alright, maybe it is you who can't quite manage the towel bar properly, but that's ok because you should get rid of them and upgrade to hooks! they are so easy for everyone in the family to use, it's almost silly. if you are renting, and can't put new holes in the wall, then place your hooks in the holes that the bars were occupying. have the handyperson in your house check to see if the holes are the right size for the new hardware, and if needed fill in with wood putty before attaching the new hooks. and if you don't want to leave them just switch them before you move! those of you lucky enough to have a mortgage, or forgiving landlords, can put hooks all over your glorious bathroom. seriously. place some in your shower to hang up wet swimsuits, or extra towels, or tie a line between 2 of them and dry your clothes! for sure you should have at least 1 for each person, plus 1 or 2 for hand towels. find hooks everywhere from your local hardware store to fancier ones, even my favorite anthropologie occasionally sells them, and when they go on sale they are a steal!


kristenita said...

if you are renting or scared of drilling into your walls, you can also buy over-the-door-no-hole-in-the-wall-required hooks just about anywhere that sells regular hooks... I think I got mine at target or walmart - they are good sturdy ones that I can move from door to door as I please/as we move!

Dana said...

Our Master bath had one towel rod. On the other side of the bathtub, making it impossible to reach a towel after getting out of the shower. We got a two-hook hook and put it up right next to the shower.

The towel rod on the kids' bathroom is too high for them to hang up their towels. I just bought a three hook thingy to put in their bathroom. It will be at kid level and will be just for their cute animal towels they got for Christmas from Grandma!