Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Herb: Arnica

incorporating a little bit of homeopathy into your regular first-aid routine is pretty simple. in fact, incorporating a whole lot of it is easy too! i use 2 books as my references, recommended by a friend, and i now pass the good words along to you! both books are written by edward shalts, who is an M.D. and a D.Ht. they are easy to read, and provide an excellent overview on the history of homeopathy, as well as how to start helping out your family and yourself with the use of herbs. for this month i will mostly use the above pictured book: easy homeopathy. his other one is entitled: the american institute of homeopathy handbook for parents. there is so much that we could discuss here, but let me first state that i am not a doctor of homeotherapeutics, nor have i ever been trained in administering holistic medicines. i am, a trained massage therapist, and a very concerned mom who was tired of watching my kids get hyper after giving them tylenol. i read. i ask questions. and i read more. i will try to answer your questions as best as i can, but again i will be be looking a lot of them up as i am not an expert by any means!

the first herb i will mention is arnica montana. sometimes labeled as arnica. it is excellent in helping to reduce swelling, inflamation, and bruising. in other words if you or your kids ever really fall down or do some serious contact sports, this needs to be in your home, car, purse, first-aid kit...there is also a very handy ointment or cream option, which is perfect for everyday bonks, where the skin is still intact. arnica is best given as soon as possible, and it is pretty easy to pick up these little vials of pellets to keep around. i get them at my local grocery store or alternative grocery store, but you can buy them online as well. boiron is a well known company that makes this variety pictured. it seems that 2 potencies are consistently available in the states: 12c or 30c. i try to buy the 30c option. it is less potent than the 12c, which might seem confusing, but that's how it works folks! following dr. shalts suggestion, give 3 pellets of 30c under the tongue (i even just pop them on the tongue), and wait 15 minutes to see how the patient responds. redose every 15-30 minutes. for very severe trauma, redose up to 5 times, and do it sooner. mild, just once, and wait for up to 30 minutes. arnica, like all herbs, is usually helpful for more than one problem, but always there are specific symptoms that will guide you in your choice of correct treatment. i highly encourage you to get these books if you are considering using herbs for your family. after reading them your understanding will be hugely boosted, as will your likely desire to lessen the typical over-the-counter medicines in your family's bodies.


Cafe Johnsonia said...

I am totally into homeopathy. In fact, I just took some Cantharis for a burn on my arm about two minutes ago--really! We take Arnica all the time. It's awesome!!!!

Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

I just read that Arnica is great for muscle aches so am putting Patrick on an Arnica plan!

miss christy @ the tip spot said...

bryonia is usually called for in the aches department. arnica is more for "owies".