Monday, May 5, 2008

How to be a Mom and Still...Dress Like a Fashionista!

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alright, so maybe fashionista is a bit extreme, but you can still be totally hip and get your kids to ballet, and you won't even have to steal your kids piggy bank to do it. first and foremost, you must be willing to accept change, even if that means not wearing that favorite shirt from college anymore (don't toss it though!). i have a few more useful tips, and of course all of you expert moms out there share your info with us too!

*pay attention: look around you at the stores, and online for ideas of what is stylish now
i love gap -currently 4 hot tips for the season
i love j.crew - several styles of skirts (you probably already have at least 1 version already), and tops that flatter each one
new love good ideas of what's hot
awesome site really helpful stuff on how to make things work for you

*follow the rules: everyone loves what not to wear, and they make good arguments to convince you if you don't. a few tips that every lady should adhere to are:
1. wear your correct size: 2, 12, or 22 the size that fits is your size and you will look better when you wear it
2. aim for sophisticated and sexy, avoid sweet: this does not mean uptight, trampy or cheap (and there is a difference). you should feel beautiful ALL the time. it does mean skipping things that make you look like a 10 year old.
3. have fun with your clothes, they are an extension of who you are and speak volumes to the world around you. even though we should not judge on first impressions, people do and are they getting the real you?

*scrimp where you can and invest in trouble spots: take my body for an example. i can find super inexpensive and cute tops at discount stores (target), but it is hard to find correctly fitting bottoms as i am shorter and not built like a pencil, so i find i have to go to mass retail stores (gap, delia's) and shop sales or occasionally pay full price, gulp, on a pair of jeans.

*use what you have as much as possible: i save forever, so i have clothes that have gone out of current fashion, only to come right back in again. share or swap your clothes with others when they are no longer working for you. maybe you are pregnant, but a friend isn't so loan your wardrobe to her and if she has maternity clothes then just trade for awhile. don't forget to use the pay attention tips and look for current trends within your current closet.

now, go get dressed. you are all hot mama's!


Sarah said...

great tips. Thank you so much for passing on these websites. It is hard to stay up with the current fashion trends, but like you say it is also important to take care of yourself.

abbyjane said...

I literally stalk the Gap. I look online constantly. If you are patient you can ALWAYS find great deals on clothes for you,and kids, and hubby. Sometimes items go on clearance and sell out like lightening, but I always find gems in the clearance section.

I like what you said about investing too. If it is classic, not too trendy, and you are going get a lot of wear out of it, then it is okay to pay a little more. A good, no, FABULOUS pair of jeans is a perfect example.

aftie and ella's mamma said...

if you are not a crazy magazine person, like me, go to the library or barnes & noble and look through vogue or other super fantastic fashion mags. then head to target, charlotte russe, etc and get the less-expensive version. you can find some amazing look-a-likes for much less than $5,000.