Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Read aloud tips-By Guest Tip Mom Sarah

Here are some useful tips for telling or reading a story outloud to little or not so little children.

1.) Set the stage so that you are reading in a location where everyone is comfortable and can see the pages of the book if there are pictures. Or if,for example, you are telling a ghost story set the stage so that everyone will be able to see the storyteller (i.e. create a circle).
2.) Allow the child to interact with the story. Let him/her touch the pages, point to characters, etc. Do not rush when you are turning the pages allow the child to relish each page. If you are telling a story outloud encourage participation by adding group sound effects, etc.
3.) Make the story fun! Create voices for the characters, use facial expressions and appropriate tone of voice. If you are telling a story from memory use your hands to tell the story and make frequent eye contact with your listeners. The more animated you are the better.4.) Remember your audience! If your child is under the age of 5 it is probably not appropriate to tell them a scary ghost story. Younger children need to be read stories with good illustrations and a simpler story line. Stories for younger children should not be too verbose or long as you might then lose the child's interest. Older children should be able to listen to chapter books and do not necessarily need books with pictures. They should be allowed to let loose their imagination.

5.) Most importantly have fun!! Part of being a storyteller is actively engaging your audience and showing them how much you too enjoy the story.

In the above pictures I was reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" By Eric Carle to my son Jacob who is 5 months old.

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