Friday, May 16, 2008

Zip Tip: get a book for a buck

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Both Christy and I love books, both for the kiddies and for ourselves.  And we adore these sites for getting books for pennies (seriously, you can buy books for a penny!): buy your next book from the used section and save oodles! great for hard to find books lotsa books, lotsa bargains

If you miss your favorite city bookstore, get happy by shopping their online site.  The Strand in NYC, or a fave of our old home town in Portland, Powell's.

Another bargain book tip: sign up for Borders Rewards of Barnes and Noble Rewards and get a coupon every other week or so.  Sign up if usually free and you earn points on purchases...even when you buy a cookie!!


kristenita said...

I also like - I don't think they sell used books - but you can find some SUPER cheap ones & they have free shipping on orders over $25. is another good one - sometimes they have pretty cheap books too.

Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

i always love new bargain sites! thanks kristen!

Sarah said...

If you live in the Buffalo area "Book Outlets" are the way to go. You can't always find any title but every book is 60-80% off the list price.