Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Give yourself some space

(my awesome food prep island)

Whether you love spending hours in the kitchen perfecting meals or prefer to open bags, boxes and cans for feeding yourself space to create in the kitchen will make this room more usable. And I'm not talking about having a huge kitchen. In fact, I think I may have cooked in 5 of the smallest kitchens in the history of kitchens (once my only counter space was a fold up counter of 18 inches)!

You can give yourself some space by
  • putting away some of your appliances
  • clearing off counter decor (fruit baskets can live lots of other places!)
  • keeping your counter free of dishes
  • putting your table on double duty as counter space
Don't be daunted by a small kitchen. Just find a little spot for your creations and keep it clean. My friend and former food-sharing neighbor, Lindsey, over at Cafe Johnsonia creates edible masterpieces everyday in her teeny tiny kitchen!

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Cafe Johnsonia said...

It's true! As I was reading this post, I was thinking about how JEALOUS I am that you have that island!!! I don't even know if I have 18" of counter space! Someday...

Great tips!