Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tippin' Tuesday


some times it is hard to keep kids covered up! and today we have 3 questions in regards to "buns" that need answering:
the first 2 are from the same reader angela:

1. where can i find bike shorts so our daughter can be modest with her dresses?

it is still pretty trendy to have "leggings" and a variety of stores sell a shorter, capri style. i have seen them at target, and walmart. gymboree almost always carries the shorter biker length in a variety of colors, and definitely try out crazy8.com (the old navy equivalent of gymboree) they always have great deals. i googled "panty covers" and found a great cotton bike short at basic brilliance. i also recommend ebay for this one. if you like the look of a slightly fancier version, that can even be monogrammed and they have some less ruffley options as well: in your name. also, for a slightly cheaper option try my sisters store. alright, what do you guys think?

2. where is the cheapest place online to buy pampers?

this is a good question for any brand of diapers i think. in the past 1800diapers.com have been great for us. currently though amazon.com usually blows everyone out of the water, and you can almost always get free shipping. right now pampers cruisers size 3 (160 count) are $39.99 at 1800diapers.com, but $29.99 at amazon.com. i don't purchase this brand so i don't know if amazon is an overall good deal, but it is cheaper. we would all love more options for this one!


Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

try to just buy skorts or skirts with built in panty covers. i think it is worth the extra money to buy full coverage bottoms in the first place then spend time and effort to hunt down extras. my fave spots for these are gymboree and the childrens place. i just bought afton 3 cotton skorts and we both love them. all gymboree skirts have built in shorts too.

in the past I have bought a collection of panty covers on eBay.

kristenita said...

...also when you buy them on amazon.com they have an option where you can sign up for auto-shipments, which will save you even more money! you will get free shipping & a %age "off." you set up the frequency of shipments & can change/adjust it at any time as needed (earlier, later, new size, etc). love it! it's so nice to have them delivered & I don't have to think about it! (and I save my moneys!!)

ABQ Mom said...

Can I make the suggestion to use those stockings that have gotten runs or holes in the toes? Just cut them off a couple inches below the crotch, instant bike shorts!