Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Save on Summer Fun: National Parks

if you are heading out to explore the great outdoors, take a minute to first check out, the national park site. here you can find local parks to visit and search for ones in any area that you might be traveling to. a lot of parks across our vast country charge a pretty penny to step in, so while you are at you can purchase a yearly pass for $80, that will get your whole family in to every park. that's a big savings if you plan on hitting more than a couple of our beautiful spots, and it's good for a whole year. think of all the green you can save and then go and see acres and acres of lush, protected green...alright, some of it is lush, protected brown, but you can still go and see it!

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kelly said...

great tip! some parks, like I think Bryce canyon in Utah are $20 alone! good excuse to get you out, too.