Monday, June 9, 2008

Save on Summer Fun!

all too often my kids hear "no". i promise it's not my favorite, but when it comes to spending money and activities, that's what i usually say. let's get serious here. there are 6 of us, and when it's time to go to the zoo, we are practically paying to rent it for the day! well, that's about to end. thanks to some friends who have told me repeatedly about this amazing deal, i will soon be yelling "yes" from the rooftops! here is the sweet skinny: go HERE to a wonderful place called boonshoft. it happens to be in ohio, but really it's everywhere. you can purchase an adventurer pass for your family for $100 annually (click on MEMBERSHIP then go to LEVELS AND BENEFITS then choose ADVENTURER ), and get into a slew of zoos, science museums, and kid museums across the country and canada. sooo cool. check out all the places you can get into for free (after you buy the pass) HERE and HERE (science museums) and HERE (kiddos) you don't even have to wait for it to arrive in the mail to use it. just print it out and head out the door. you are good to go!

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Rachel said...

We love our boonshoft pass and use it all the time! The nice thing about it is you can use it at the zoo or wherever for a couple of hours and you don't have to feel like your wasting money by not staying all day. It is so worth the $100 bucks!