Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tippin Tuesday: family reunion ideas

Katie asked this question:

Mark and I are in charge of planning our family reunion for Mark's family (just Mark's siblings and parents). We need some ideas for the children. I want to give them all 'tasks' or responsibilities for the weekend. (Like the adults have.) I don't really want it to be a chore, but something that will make them feel in charge of something and that they will have fun doing. They are all pretty young

Family reunions can either be super fun and memorable or an event you muscle through. I'm all for the super fun kind! And kids seem to float around sometimes so I'm loving your idea of giving them tasks. Here are my tips:
  • Assign each child to an adult as a helper. Older kids can have a list of question to ask their adult relative to learn more about them.
  • Let the kids run an activity station or be in charge of emceeing an event.
  • Have the kids work together to choose themes for each day (like spirit week in high school).
Let's fill up Katie with more tips and ideas on how to involve kids in family reunions!


christy @ the tip spot said...

there is always lots of "little" things...someone could be in charge of keeping the toilet paper flowing...making sure there is a pitcher of water and cups out...taking pictures...calling everyone for meals...etc.

have fun!!

Mark and Katie said...

yeah! i feel so honored to have made the blog - i really appreciate all the tips i can get

The Favorite said...

Oh, horray for family reunions. Only now that I'm older and have kids of my own do I realize that they are not only needed, but are fun to reunite family. Anyways...
You could assign the kids to make a chart of the days events or make name place cards for dinner, etc...
You could also have helpers if you are doing crafts or let the kids help prepare meals...
We still have yet to have a family reunion with our siblings so I'm also looking forward to seeing the tips you'll get.