Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tippin' Tuesday

Our first tip request this week comes from Tara in Virginia:

How do you keep your toddler from running off in the store and getting lost?!?!?!?!?

Tara, how did you know that Abel bolted from my side and out the doors of a store a few weeks ago!!

I don't let my little ones out of the cart or stroller in large public places (my toddler has wheels for feet). I try and keep a sucker or a well liked toy in my bag to entertain the strapped in child. Or I bribe. "If you stay by my side, I'll let you pick out something fun." This only works for very short time periods though.

Let's give Tara some tips on this today!


christy @ the tip spot said...

starting with our first boy (and kid #2) we used a "leash" of sorts. i know this is a bit archaic, BUT we used it wisely (i think). let's say we asked the boy T to stay by us, if he tried to leave (or did) THEN we would put on the leash, but we kept the length very short, so then he HAD to stay by us. no more choices. he learned very quickly to stay close, as he did not think the leash was any fun!
with subsequent kiddos sometimes the bribe works out, or a game of sorts. like if we are looking for toilet paper they try and beat me to see it, but they have to stay by my side, or in the cart to "win" anything.kisses and hugs are great rewards.
AND we always discuss where we are going and what behaviors are expected in the car before getting out. that way they are reminded of what they should be doing, like using a quiet voice @ the library or not touching food things @ the target store, etc.

GOOD LUCK! i think each child is different here!

kelly said...

I'm in the same boat here so I may not be a lot of help, but I agree with Lizzy. After hearing about creeps taking and touching kids in stores with their moms turned around behind them I have been strict about no raoming, my 2 yr old must stay in the cart, with me. He's a runner and a roamer so it's hard for him, but he learned pretty quick it's not even an option.
If it's grocery shopping or multiple errands I make sure to go on a walk or do something active beforehand. And a snack or smal treat always is a lifesaving distraction.