Monday, June 23, 2008

Travel Fun: Using the Web

does your summer vacation (like mine) involve sitting for long periods of time? maybe an airline or car trip? over the years, i have found oodles of fun things to do on various sites throughout the web. you should try them out:

*familyfun has lots of downloadable crafts and games
* has some great learning activities
*learn to fold all sorts of cool origami (perfect for older kids) @ origami-instructions
*momsminivan has some great ideas with string and old fave's like the license plate game and ABC game, don't skip them
*grab a deck or 2 of cards and check out the activityvillage

and don't forget to pack some essentials too:

*plenty of paper and small notebooks
*colored pencils (markers can dry out or STAIN and crayons can melt)
*scissors (safety ones if you need them), although discretion is advised
*disposable camera

brace yourself for some disasters along the way, and pack a few extra smiles and encouraging words into YOUR carry-on, and you are ready for some fun travel time with your family!

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Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

i'm making felt faces this week for my road trip. glue some felt to a circle of cardboard, then cut out different face features for the kids to build their face with.