Friday, June 27, 2008

Travel Games: felt face

I'm trying to avoid the dollar store stock up for my approaching road trip. Last night I made these felt face boards for my kiddos. Here's what I like about this car friendly activity:
  • Fast to make. I made two in under and hour.
  • Cheap cheap cheap. Cardboard from a leftover box and felt from my stash.
  • Quiet. Need I say more?
  • Multiple uses. The circle becomes a small felt board for other felt activities.
  • Easy to change. Afton informed me we need ears and earrings!
I found the idea for this in my Toddler Busy Book.


christy said...

definitely making these withthe kids!
if you use one of those fancy paper cutting machines, like sizzix, for scrap-booking, you can also use them to cut out felt stuff. so now we have ducks and leaves and other things that "free-hand" cutting would have been difficult to get, without a little bit of crying (that's right, i cry!)

Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

i knew the sizzix was good for non-scrapbook things. i need to hunt down one of those to borrow