Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Food Towers

Isn't this photo of leftovers, from the food pornographer on flickr, awesome!

If you and I are anything alike, you probably toss 2-3 containers of leftovers every week or so. We have the best intentions for eating all of that new chicken recipe that wasn't super great, or chocking down the rest of the never ending meat loaf. Well, toss your guilt out with those leftovers because have I got a great tip for you!

Let your kiddos turn those leftovers into food towers (that may or may not get eaten but will definitely bring on lots of creative fun.)

If necessary, cut up foods into chunks. Provide toothpicks or skewers for "blocks" to be built on. Let your kids go on the squares of pizza, penne pasta and pork!! Some of that food may even get eaten.

Alternate idea: this can be a fun way to use up gummy candy that has been on your sweet shelf long enough. Let you child build a treat tower, then set the timer for 3 minutes and let them eat as much of the tower until the timer buzzes.

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