Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Closet Tip Numero Dos

I get my closet organizers at Target (like the one above) which looks much neater than mine!

Last year when we moved, and subsequently bought a condo, I decided to abolish dressers from our home to free up floor space and utilize the fully functional closets we had. After fiddling around with a few ideas of where to puts all the clothes, I settled on hanging closet organizers.

My favorite part of this new storage plan was the easy access the kids have to their clothes. No need to fuss with opening and closing drawers, just slide open the closet door and pick from easily managed stacks.

I also use hanging organizers for hats, scarves and gloves during the cold months and sunglasses, other hats, swim gear and picnic blankets during the warm months.


Sarah said...

I have one of these too which I can never ever keep neat. Every couple of months I take out all of the items that I have in it and refold them...but then it gets messy again way too soon!

korie said...

I have one of these in each of my girls closets. I put an outfit in each one of the little shelves and let them chose what they want to wear. It keeps me from having to send them back to find something that actually goes together. And it lets them feel like they have some control over what they are wearing.