Sunday, July 20, 2008

Here are 4 Simple Ways to Make Chores Faster and More Fun...

1- Turn on the music. Let the kids take turns choosing the music.

2- Clean together. Working together not only helps get the job done faster, but working in a group can be a lot more motivating for some of us.

3- Make it a game. Who can pick of 13 things? Our kids enjoy shooting the dirty laundry into the basket. Or throwing it to a sibling and then have that child throw it into the hamper.

4- Set a timer. Set the timer for a certain amount, the goal is to complete your jobs before the timer buzzes.

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Laura said...

I always put small jobs on slips of paper, we would then draw for the jobs. Me AND the kids. I'd throw in the occasional "swap jobs" or 5 minutes of playstation, or something in there to keep them drawing. We had a clean house in no time!