Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I am always looking for new things to do to get my kids excited about working around the house and yard. It seems like I will create a chart of some kind and it works for about 6 weeks and then my kids get bored. Here are some suggestions of things we have done in the past as well as things I am excited to try.

1-My kids have a couple of jobs that never change. Like making their beds and putting their dirty clothes in the hamper. They don't need a chart for this. To keep things different, they get job tickets. They each have tickets with their name on them. They turn 1 ticket into me per completed job. (The jobs that they can earn tickets for our posted on our refrigerator) At the end of the week I add up each individuals tickets.If you have a certain amount of tickets you earn a treat.

2- When they were younger we did the "Mystery bag of surprises." They would reach into the bag and pull out a job on Saturdays. Somehow, this made it more fun. I guess kids like to get out of routines sometimes too. I find that switching the jobs instead of keeping a regular job chart takes some of the "have to's" out of the chores.

3- Household Cleaning Cards are helpful for any member of the family. Each card outlines the job and gives a job description. By having these cards your family will know what is expected. When a job is completed, you can let the person in charge of that area evaluate his own work. By having these cards they can see if anything has been left undone. An example of a card would be: Bedroom Daily- Make bed, Fold pajamas and put away, Pick clothes and toys up, Take care of books and homework papers.

4- At one time I did a regular sticker chart with the chores listed. Every time the child completes a chore they got a sticker. You can decide for yourself how many stickers earns a reward. When my child got enough stickers they earned a reward. The reward could be picked from a little treasure box I keep in a secret place. It has all sorts of fun things in it like bouncy balls, tootsie rolls, bubblegum suckers, plastic dress up rings, rubber snakes etc.... My kids loved this!

Now I know all of you are full of wonderful ideas. What are some creative ways that you have used job charts?


Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

super ideas rachel! I like the grab bag idea. We have a set of chores my kids do each week. One for every year old they are. we do them same time and day. and they earn a quarter for each job...as long as it gets done well and politely. my kids are learning to dust, clean windows, scrub cupboards and clean floors this way.

marahaahaa said...
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