Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some ideas of what kids can do at what ages...

I love the book, The Parenting Breakthrough by Merrilee Browne Boyack. Our children our capable of more than we give them credit for. Here are some suggestions of things she has taught her children and what ages.

Three Years Old
Dress Self
Use toilet independently
Pick up toys
Clean glass tables
Clean mirrors
Four Years Old
Brush teeth
Make bed
Make own breakfast
Make sandwiches
Begin to clean room
Five Years Old
Straighten room
Empty garbage cans
Set table
Clear table
Make own lunch
Warm up canned food
Get allowance
Six Years Old
Take shower
Load dishwasher
Empty dishwasher
Clean sinks
Run microwave
Water plants
Make and answer phone calls
Seven Years Old
Wash dishes
Floss teeth
Clean toilets
Pull weeds
Have a savings account
Read with comprehension

"As a parent, you'll never be perfect, but you'll always be the only mother or father your child will ever want,"says John Rosemond. "Take that as a vote of confidence and do your best, because your best is always and forever going to be good enough."

I wanted to share one last suggestion of what is currently working in our home as far as chore charts and allowance goes. Each child has their own individual time card. On that time card they have a list of their individual chores for the week. At the end of every day they bring me their time cards. Together we look through them and start tallying up. For every chore they get paid a certain amount. We add that up first. On the same chart they also have a section called taxes. You can be taxed for a few things like bad attitude, being disobedient, fighting with a sibling etc... we check the appropriate boxes for that behavior as well. Monday is our children's payday. They bring us their charts and we start adding everything up. First we pay them for the chores they completed well and with a smile. We then hand them the money for their hard work. We then look at there tax section for every tax they "owe" us money. So after they get paid we then say ok you had 3 taxes this week so you owe me this certain amount back. On the time card they are allowed bonuses as well for things like random act of kindness, reading for 1 hour or more etc... We also charge them a quarter if they want to watch tv or play the computer. Out of all the things I have done this system currently has worked best for our family and the children. I am amazed at how well they have responded to it. Our tv time has really been minimized because they don't want to have to take money from their bank. Please note that sometimes they do get to watch a free show if I need a break! Hope this makes sense!


Tausha said...

I love this idea!!! I think that my girls would really respond to this. Do you have a template that you use that you could forward to me? Or maybe take a picture of the card that you use and post it.
How much do you pay for each job, how much do you charge for each "tax" I don' know how old your kids are but I have 8 6 4. Thanks for all your awesome tips! I come lurk on your blog every day!
Thanks for sharing all your family secrets!!

Sugary Frogs said...

Thanks for your comment! I will add a picture of what our chart looks like etc. That is so funny I have an almost 8 year a old, a 6 year old and a 4 year old!

Shaka said...

sounds like a great system. at the end of the week though, how do you remember if they have fought etc.?

The Favorite said...

Thank you for the list of ideas, I had to think if my kids are doing those things and they are- whew!
I also love your "pay day" ideas too. You are so great!

Rachel said...

Sorry I didn't make that too clear. I actually mark their individual chart every night before bedtime. Monday is payday and I tally everything up.