Friday, August 29, 2008

Christmas Prep: gifts to make

Obviously, I've got this energy for getting Christmas ready to go super early. This includes gifts for my kids. I've already got a small stack of items on the top shelf on my closet that I picked up at garage sales, or on clearance throughout the year. This year, most gifts are going to be handmade. (And I'll be making most of these gifts during Fall TV viewing so I don't feel so lazy for watching 2 hours of 3-4 nights a week.)

Afton will be getting a felt cake set. I love the original idea from Twinkle Cakes. But I just can't spend $70 on one gift. So make my own I will. I already started this project when I was recovering from knee surgery and am so excited to give it to her!

I'm making pirate dress ups for both my son and daughter. And will be updating our play kitchen with a stash of felt food.

Here are some great hand made gift idea tutorials:

Mini I Spy Quilt from Make and Takes
Fabric Book Marks
Quiet Book (from us!)
Felt Food from One Crafty Mumma

Care to share your hand made gifts plans? We'd love to hear them!


aftie and ella's mamma said...

how in the world do you make those twinkle cakes? they are so cute!

Laura B. said...

I love the idea of making your own cake. Will you give directions? SO CUTE!

Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

I'll post a little demo when I finish it!