Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September Tip Topics

Welcome, welcome September! My September started off just right, cool, breezy and sunny. I hope you had a super weekend saying goodbye to summer. My family had so much fun at a hot air balloon classic in Colorado Springs.

Christy and I are really excited about all of our tip topics this month.

First up, Food Storage!! Whether you are a seasoned canned food rotator or just getting started, we'll tip on ways to accumulate, increase and actually use stocks of food. 72- hour and other emergency kits are bound to come up too!

Fall brings a whole bunch of yummy vegetables to the table. We will give tips on new uses, new recipes and ways to get your kids to eat vegetables!

And we've moved back inside this month to tip on the Play Room. It may be a wall of your family room or a whole basement, either way we've got tips for ya on organization, inexpensive decor and more.

Please email us or leave a comment if you have questions relating to any of these new categories. We love digging up answers to your questions!

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