Monday, August 25, 2008

Christmas Prep: the toy swap

Christmas is exactly 4 months from today! I love getting ready for Christmas early in the year so I can enjoy our family traditions during the month of December. I hope this series of tips gets you motivated to get a few things checked off your holiday to-do list so that you too can enjoy the festive season.

First up, the Toy Swap. Christy and I started swapping toys two years ago. We run through our toys in the summer that our kids have grown out of or are bored with and make up a swap list. Last year her daughter got an iPod and my daughter got a My Little Pony and Groovy Girl collection. And all we paid was shipping costs. Happy girls and happy moms!

You can do this too! Find a family member of a friend who has children a bit older/younger than yours (My kids' ages are in the middle of Christy's kids' ages so we get stuff from her oldest kids and we give stuff to her youngest kids). Then work out a swap. Maybe your train set is the perfect match for your 3 year old nephew. And his brother has outgrown his Rescue Heroes set which your son would adore.

Christy and I like to keep the trades in the family because we can get our toys back for younger kids. One day Christy's littlest girl will be gifted a whole bunch of My Little Ponies (hopefully the same time my daughter is ready for American Girl)!

There are also websites that do this kind of thing. Usually the only cost you incur is shipping. Check out: or

Happy Swapping!

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