Monday, August 25, 2008

End of Summer Fun

It is the unofficial last week of summer. And though you probably have lots of sunshine and shorts left it's always fun to send summer some official farewell activities.

One way is to host a spur of the moment, low key- read low stress- party!

My daughter Afton invited a few girls over for a Teddy Bear Picnic a few weeks ago. We emailed invites, the girlies wore party dresses and brought a favorite bear over for a picnic lunch, some coloring and a few games. The girls were adorable, had so much fun and I seriously planned the activities the day before.

Laura, who was On The Spot with us in July, hosted a carnival for a few kids. She let her son head the whole thing up (planning the games, choosing prizes) and of course the kids had a blast.

Last week, a friend and I hosted a Kids Olympics. The kids ran a race, long jumped, did some cartwheels and the wheelbarrow race. Then we set up some pools and let the kids play. And check out the adorable medals my friend Hailey whipped out.

Your event can be anything. And Un-Birthday, a pool party, a cookie decorating event. Add a few friends and some simple activities are your kids won't be so sad to see their summer end.

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Heidi Boos said...

I love the teddy bear picnic idea! So cute! I think I'll be doing that for my daughter and her friends one day...hopefully soon!