Tuesday, August 26, 2008

End of Summer Fun: Special Days

Do you know about this great calendar of Special Days? National S'mores Day! Waffle Day! Smile Week! Send Summer off by celebrating a special day. It can be the on the actual day or you know what...you can make it up! Want Friday to be Double Scoop Ice Cream Day...now it is!

Let your kids choose one fun day each day this week and then help them plan it out. It can be an art day, a fun food day, or an outing. Keep it simple and keep it fun and keep it tied to celebrating the summer.

At my house, we'll be catching up on the missed and going to be missed summer activities like making a strawberry pie, swimming, and going to the zoo days.

Oh and this idea works anytime! Awesome huh?!

And aren't the knit ice cream cones in the photo so cute? Head over here to get your pattern!

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