Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tippin' Tuesday


our question today comes from 2 lovely readers: korie and eliza. they want to know what to put in their kids lunches.


i love these little thermos' for hot things, like rice or soup. my kids usually like a "hot" lunch option, so these are excellent for our family. you can also use them for cold stuff too. a tip though, do not wait for these to go on sale. i tried for 2 years, and finally gave up. they are either sold out, or never make it to a sale. maybe you will have better luck though. they are definitely worth their price tag.

the foodnetwork has a bunch of great recipes for stand out lunch items. and to help you pack healthy, start with the healthy eating helper.

what else can we feed them?


Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

i've not had to pack lunch for my kids yet. but i love this question. Here's my input: wraps (remember Lindsey's great wrap post?), snack lunches like apples cheese and crackers, my kids think cookie cutter shaped sandwiches are super fun too.

Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

Vanessa right over her http://inevergrewup.net/?p=271 has loads of great lunch ideas!

Rynell said...

You can get these thermoses at Wal-Mart and also in a 2 pack at Land's End. (Just in case you still wanted that option.) I've found that I have to fill the thermos with boiling water, let it sit for 15 minutes, empty the water and then fill it with piping hot soup/pasta with sauce/other leftovers to keep it warm.

I also do wraps, bagels or cheese and crackers to mix things up a bit. My kids go to a charter school without a real cafeteria so I have to send them lunch every school day.

The Favorite said...

Thanks! I ordered the one's from LandsEnd and I'm so excited!