Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Food Storage


beginning your food storage can be overwhelming. once you start, it can sometimes still feel overwhelming. i have been working at this for over 10 years, and i must say it is definitely worth any kind of sacrifice that needs to be made in order to get it goin'! this month we will be giving you lots of tips on how to get your working for your family. the first tip, i learned from my mother-in-law:
keep track of everything your family uses for 1 month.
the easiest way to do this is by making a chart and taping it up somewhere, like your fridge. put things on the list that you regularly use, and some of the "extra's" like coconut milk, that might not be used as often as the mustard, but you use them still. then each time you go through something, check it off. things that you already have opened, like mayo and ketchup, you might not use up in 1 month, but keep track of it anyway. then at the end of the month, look through your "data" and you have a pretty good example of what you should keep in your food storage. multiply your final count by how many months you want to keep on hand. for example, i use 1 large bottle of olive oil each month, and so to be prepared for 3 months i would need 3. this little exercise is not too hard and shows you a lot about what your family is eating, so start the chart, and you have started your food storage!

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Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

I write the date I open a container of something...so that when it is used up I know how long it lasted.