Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tippin' Tuesday


so korie wants to know how to have perfect hard-boiled eggs. and you know, so do i! a couple of years ago, i tried julia childs recipe, which is time-consuming with several steps, and still i had problems. so here are a few recipe's that either i have tried or i am going to:

i regularly use the recipe from incredibleegg.org. not too many steps, nothing too weird, and pretty much always works for me.

i have also used a recipe like this one at the goodegg.com. also, not very difficult.
they also mention as korie did, that the older the eggs are, the easier they will peel. a good tip for sure. they suggest easter eggs be 2 weeks old before boiling.

for a very interesting read check out thepauperedchef.com.
the author read a french book that gave enlightening info on hard boiled eggs. here is an excerpt:

After three pages spent exploring the intricacies of cooking the eggs, he basically comes to the conclusion that hard-boiled eggs need to be cooked at a low temperature, around 154 degrees Fahrenheit, because that’s the point when the yolk will set (the white sets at 144). He concludes, “Obviously this would mean longer cooking times, but the result is a perfectly cooked egg.”

in the end, it is suggested to cook for 4 hours @ the 154 temperature. i have to say i am intrigued and will definitely give this a go in my slow-cooker. the taste is supposed to be amazing! i hope that helps korie!


Ellen on the go said...

My method for perfect hard-boiled eggs is the following:
Put cold water into 2 quart pan,enough to ver all eggs, pour in white vinegar(probably about 1/4 cup, this is what helps you have a perfect peel) then add the eggs.Boil for about 5-7 minutes depending on how many eggs you are using. I would not boil any more then 6-7 at one time, making sure they are completely covered with water. When through cooking immediately run cold water over the pan, let sit for a few minutes then when eggs are cooled,I tap them on the side of my sink to start the cracking, then peel off the shell under running cold water. Immediately transfer the eggs to a bowl and refrigerate covered. Work perfect everytime, a& it is so easy. don't let any of the shells fall into your disposal, it can ruin it.

korie said...

These are great tips! Thanks I think I will make egg salad sandwiches for lunch today!