Friday, October 3, 2008


sometimes all it takes is one item to give you an idea. today, as i was scouring my closets for costume pieces for my kids and hubby and myself, i had an idea. and i searched online and found an excellent source to purchase my idea: gehman's country fabrics and more. and the idea is to use a plain white slip as a basis for a costume. it could be a fairy, or a bride, or in my case a grecian goddess. use the slip ($4.50 - $11 for toddlers through women sizes a TOTAL bargain) and then accessorize! i am hoping my ciela will love this idea, as everyone else's costumes are nearly completed. so for her greek goddess i will use the slip as the base dress, and make a grecian cover out of beautiful, but very see-through, chiffon (which i already have in my craft supply). then add some gold rope and a some golden leaves in a few places, along with a headband and strappy sandals to top it off. i am sure you have lots of ideas of what to do with this easy and very affordable basic halloween prop, so grab one or a few and create away! then let us know what you did, or plan to do. love it!

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