Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween...Carving Tools

I love kitchen tools. I think that's my mom's fault, as our kitchen was always stocked with interesting tools with only 1 purpose. For example, the pickle picker-upper. That has 1 job only, to get the pickle out of the jar. Cool tool, but eventually one runs out of drawers...which leads me to pumpkin carving tools. Nice to have around, but only used once a year, and there is a chance that plastic set you picked up from the discount store won't even make it to the next Halloween. So, dump out your utensil drawer and scavenge for tools. Skewers are very handy for holes and detailed scraping, along with that nut-picker (also a one-job wonder). How about these amazing little fruit scrapers? I bought a set of these on sale last year from my grocery store, and I have loved them for scooping out melon, and avocado, and kiwi....lotsa fruit needs scraping! But I whipped them out on Sunday whilst being frustrated scooping all the "guts" out of some pumpkins, and let me say "awesome"!! Love these even more now! Pick a set of 3 up for yourself at or

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