Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tippin' Tuesday

one fat furniture by *ghost* flickr.com

I recently had a friend over and we were walking through my tiny house and discussing how sometimes you have this "stuff" and know it doesn't belong in the current location, but do not know where it actually belongs. What to do about that?

My sister Angie used to come over and help me out with this in Oregon. It definitely helped to have an outside source come in and help look over your place. Since she didn't live there, her mind was open to moving things in a different direction. Now you can hire a decorator or just invite a few friends over for cocoa, and have them tell you what to do for free! All advice must be considered, although try to not move the furniture too many times without stretching afterward. Try reading mind over clutters lovely advice on when you should just toss stuff. The techniques of Feng Shui might help out, so skip on over to spaceclearing.com for a list of when some professionals might be in your area. Also, flip through a few magazines and look online to get your brain flowing in a new direction. What directions do you have?

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Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

Get rid of stuff every 6 months that you haven't used or stopped liking!