Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Acts of Service

Floating Imitations from Flickr
Go ahead and be someone's personal angel today!

As a mother of 4, I am frequently the recipient of what can be called random acts of service. I have had moments that tears come to my eyes from what I am certain seemed to be just a simple gesture. Doors being held open are just the tip of my fantastic iceberg. Often people help entertain the docile children while I tend to the one who has gone AWOL. Sweet comments often come my way, as well as the shocked: Are those ALL yours? Though, that one makes me smile too. My awesome kiddos see these things, and in turn are becoming their own little "random acters". I try as often as possible to help out when I can. Honestly when the entire brood is together, I usually have some blinders on. Now that I am a mom of 1 for a large portion of my day, I find it easier and wonderful to give back some of the random service I have been getting for so long...Again, being an example goes a long way. The next time you are out, seek out these oppurtunities and your day, along with a few others, will be greatly blessed by it!

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Sarah said...

Another idea for Halloween is creating boo bags. You put together bags of candies and goodies and then leave them with a note for your neighbors. You don't tell your neighbors that the bag is from you and you ask them to do the same thing for three more people. It is a fun idea since you keep paying it forward!