Thursday, October 16, 2008


I should just say it out right: I am a thief of sorts. There, I feel better. I have a habit of taking an idea from someplace, and twisting it around to create something i need or love. Not the most original plan I know, but it does get my creative juices flowing! Last year I spied a version of this Halloween tree for sale in the Pottery Barn catalog, and my brain wheels started spinning. Here is how I worked my magic:
Black container (I love pails)
Floral foam-stuff
Spooky looking twigs
Black spray paint
Spider webbing
Glass pebbles of any color (or sand, or rocks from your kids' stash)
Black pebbles

The twigs should be clean and dry, then lay them outside on a tarp and spray them til black all over! While they are drying shove the floral foam into the container (I bought a cube, and didn't even take off the plastic so it would be less messy), make sure it is in there nice and tight. Once those sticks are dry, push them into the foam, in a lovely artistic array. Finish off the spookiness with a small amount of the spider webbing. That stuff stretches forever! To help keep the container stable, I filled it to the top of the foam with glass pebbles and rocks. Then spread black pebbles over the top of the foam until it was totally covered. You can hang your little ghosties from this tree, and place it outside or on your table. The best part is your kids can help with nearly all of this craft. As a family, we went for a nice walk and gathered great sticks. Then Toran helped spray paint, and really in less than hour the entire thing was complete. From start of painting to placing it on the piano. Go grab your family and start collecting some sticks, and new fantastic fall memories!

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Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

looks awesome. and your wall is the perfect background color for the spooky tree!