Thursday, October 23, 2008

Service Ideas: Gettin' Your Hands Dirty

Our Family Home Evening (our weekly family spiritual lesson and activity night) activity this week, is picking up trash around our condo complex. I'm a regular trash picker-upper. I have a pet peeve for littering (I'm from Washington where having a litter bag in your car is a law) and pick up garbage from parking lots, around garbage cans, at the park...and my kids have "picked" up the good habit.

Getting your kids on garbage duty will help them develop a healthy respect for their community. It's an easy green lesson that can be applied wherever you are. And litter patrol is a happy way to serve every day.


Dana said...

gotta love the litter bag law in Washington.

Ellen on the go said...

I didn't know we had that law. I have never seen in anybody's car those bags. Perhaps they have done away with it. I use to always carry my own, but now that no kids leave at home my cars are clean with the exception of dad's!!!!