Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gift Craft: rice packs

A few weeks ago, I missed the birthday of a friend (sorry Laura!) and realized, I needed to prepare for birthdays way ahead of time. So, I whipped up a bunch of b-day cards for out of town friends and I made a birthday gift for local friends- and even wrapped them up.

What's my gift you ask? Rice Packs. I cut up a pair of pink flannel PJ pants that had lost the drawstring, hand stitched a flower, then sewed a few straight lines, filled the squares with rice, then finished off the sewing job.

Now I just need to remember to give them out when birthdays roll around!

This is such an easy gift craft! You can use fabric from your stash, or buy a low cost flannel. Rice is usually on hand and the sewing can be done by hand or machine.


Dana said...

that's a great gift idea lizzy. I love those rice bags. So nice for sore muscles or cramps.

Ellen on the go said...

We need to get the airlines on board on this idea!!!!