Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dancing Ribbons

With all the cousins, friends and school mates your child (and mine) know and love, and with the certainty of the yuletide spirit happily infecting those kids; it's good to have easy, inexpensive and useful items on hand for Christmas gifts.

This week, we'll spotlight mail-friendly crafts for the wee out of town friends and relations.

I cannot remember what book or magazine I first learned about Dancing Ribbons from, but from the first read, I was a big fan of this sweet craft.

Supplies: any round item that can be grasped (like shower rings, O-rings, jar rings, rubber band, etc), lots of ribbon in varying colors, patterns and textures.

Directions: tie lengths of ribbon onto the ring until the ring is fully covered. For a nice finish, use a no-fray product or a lit match to seal the end of each ribbon.

Your child can give this happy dancing ribbon with a burned CD of perfect dancing tunes for a gift that delights both the receiver and the parent of the receiver!!

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Heidi Boos said...

Such a cute idea! I know many of my daughter's 2-year old friends who would get a kick out of this. I'll have to try it out on my daughter first to see if she "approves" before I give it as a gift.