Tuesday, November 18, 2008

finding inspiration

It's important to have the confidence in furnishing your home with things that please you, not what is fashionable or investment material. -Jane Cumberbatch

I recently found this quote and just fell in love with it, because I think it's really important to furnish your home in a way that makes you comfortable and not necessarily because everyone else has their house a certain way. I think it makes you feel happier because you really enjoy the things in it or maybe no things in it. Either way! Plus, it's interesting to visit a home that shows the owner's character with their artwork, furnishings, etc.

So, today I thought I'd include a few of my favorite sources for inspiration and show you how I have used that inspiration in my own home.

I love magazines! This may possibly be the understatement of the year. I love Domino magazine. It is a great source for all kinds of loveliness. I also love Martha Stewart Living, Mary Englebreit Home, House Beautiful, Dwell, Metropolitan Home, Elle Decor, Real Simple, Home & Garden, and even Pottery Barn catalogs.

Domino has a digital scrapbook you can create online...meaning you can put together an "inspiration scrapbook" of different pictures you like. My mom always has her clients go through magazines and pull out different things they like to get an idea of their "style".

Also, there are some great blogs with some gorgeous ideas! I like these:

Ryan and I also love to go to home shows. One home we found a few years ago had an amazing, but small art gallery. The walls throughout their house were painted a concrete gray color and so we decided to put our own spin on the gallery idea and the color. This is a photo of our gallery (in the works!). We have found a couple of pieces we like and have even included some of our daughter's artwork. (Her take on Kandinsky's circles)

While in Paris, I went to a show on Matisse's art from the latter part of his life, which included some of his personal correspondence and collage work. I already loved Matisse, but I learned a lot from this show. To help me remember the beautiful pieces I had seen, I bought some postcards of my favorites and eventually matted and framed them.

Some of my favorite ideas have come from Pottery Barn catalogs. The things I do never turn out the same as the picture, but I love to have my own quirky twist. This is my hallway. The photo collection is continually being added to. I love having photos of my family and friends on display. You'll notice there is really no rhyme or reason in my arrangement of the photos, but it still looks organized because of the black frames.

And so, in closing, you thought I'd never end did you?! In closing, look everywhere for inspiration...store displays, magazines, catalogs, other people's homes (but don't copy!), books, etc. Be true to yourself and your own style. Remember, just because vinyl lettering is popular right now, don't feel pressured to put it in your house if it's not your thing. I personally think it's super cute, but it just doesn't fit my style. Happy inspiration hunting!


Megan Jo Eddie said...

WOWIE!!!! This is great inspiration. I've been on the hunt for art forver. I just haven't had the right piece call to me yet. I love looking in catalogs too. That might be my greatet inspiration, oh and at 2:00 in the morning and I have to get up and write it down. Crazy huh! Please be watching for 19 more comments. I love you.

Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

great tips amy! for me, i have to take TIME and lots of it to figure out what I really want in a room. I just finished the final touches on my condo, after 16 months. and i have lots more changes now!!

The Favorite said...

That absolutely beuatiful link is beautiful and it has TONS of other web site links. Great find! Thanks!
Also it's crazy but I was just thinking about vinal lettering, thanks again,