Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kids Craft: Gifts!

a cute kit idea from

I found an excellent website that has several different ideas, for various age groups, on having your kids handmake gifts. Have a peek over here and see what I mean. The directions are great, and they have one of my favorite gifts that my little caleb made for mother's day this year: love in a box! So very sweet...and if you aren't up for heading out to the craft store, they have links for some cute ready-made kits. Everything arrives at your door, and your kids make the craft following the directions. Easy as Christmas pie!
A tip: keep it simple. All of us, including kids, need to know that a small thoughtful gift from the heart is what matters during the gift-giving season. Don't get overwhelmed with all sorts of plans and then end up doing nothing or spending this wonderful season yelling...there is joy in spending time with your family while you create special memories to share with others.

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