Thursday, November 20, 2008

look what you can do with paint

Let's just say, there are lots of options out there. Paint is so versatile. You can create texture, you can make a grid, you can paint stripes, you can do a million different creative things with paint. These are just a few ideas I found.

This is a nursery. The green is so fresh and very unique for a nursery. I think a very happy baby lives here.

I love how they used white accents with the dark floors and that crazy green on the walls.

This is one of the walls in my girl's playroom. The other walls are the lighter pink.

This is our pantry door (kinda small, don't you think?). We change around the message, but this is from our family night last week. We made paper leaves to write what we're thankful for and put them on our chalk tree.

This is not my house, but I secretly wish it was. The black wall is chalkboard paint.

A black kitchen is not your thing? Are you sure? It's quite cosmopolitan and chic. It doesn't seem very practical for family life, but it's definitely inspiring.

I love how they've mixed farmhouse casual (turquoise door, floor) with modern black and a luxurious chandelier.

So, be brave and use some color in your house. Or if you do all white, use lots of textures in your accessories. Remember, if you hate it, you can always repaint!


The Favorite said...

Love your Thankful tree!!! Paint is fun, just not all the prep work before and after. Thank you for the beautiful ideas.

Rachel said...

Your so talented! I too love the thankful tree!

Megan Jo Eddie said...

I LOVE the black kitchen. I never thought I'd like this look, but it's gorgeous. Very classy. I loved all your ideas. Great job Ames