Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Laundry Room: faster folding

I like to do most of my laundry on one day. And usually I end up saving all the folding for the end of the day when I can't be distracted by messes, squabbles and when I can watch TV while I fold away. But saving up all that folding to do in one setting gets long and tiring. So here is my folding tip: when tossing laundry into the washer, or sorting those colors, take a few seconds to turn clothes right side out (unless it needs to be washed inside out). This way, whether you drip to dry or tumble it all, folding goes a lot faster!

And don't you think this sign would add a whole lot of happy in your laundry room? Find it (and lots more vintage laundry decor) at Jack and Friends.


Shepherd Family ACAL said...

The best Laundry tip I have ever gotten is to use lingerie bags for baby socks! Makes things so much easier not to have to search for all those tiny socks!

laura said...

I think folding laundry would be a lot happier if I had a laundry room!