Monday, November 17, 2008

A little tip I picked up in Paris...

Hi! Just so you know, I'm not really too fancy. I've only been to Paris one time and I only got to go because my husband had work meetings there. Lucky me! But it was an amazing place and I tried to bring a few of my favorite ideas home with me.

Now, no one has ever told me I am an amazing photographer, so use your imagination with these photos!

I love paper, and while we were shopping around the Marais (a district of Paris), I ran into this amazing paper shop. They displayed many of their paper samples on the walls using magnets. My husband and I loved this idea and bought a few of our favorite paper pieces and some magnets. (A very inexpensive piece of art!)

The magnets are really small and we just put four small nails in the wall (one for each corner of the paper), and then placed the paper on top of the nails. The magnets attach to the nails, holding the paper in place with no holes in your lovely Parisian paper!

This is a close up of the paper and you can see the fibers running through it. The little silver circle is the magnet. So, the paper actually "floats" on the wall, rather than being right up against the wall. Make sense?

All of the paper from this shop is handmade and it is incredible. We picked up some of the more simple pieces, and might I mention they were a bit more affordable than some other pieces. There was a roll of paper, and when I say roll, I mean it was almost as tall as I am and probably 10 feet long...and it was full of carefully placed square holes. It was so beautiful and about $1000 dollars for the roll. My husband said it wasn't really within our budget.

Anyway, this is just one idea of how to hang artwork. I have also made a lampshade out of paper and used magnets to hold the paper pieces together. It's not my best work, but it'll do!

Christy found a website with great prices on magnets. It's Check it out, they have some really great sphere shaped magnets, some cool looking square ones, etc.

I'll be back on Wednesday for some more fantastic home decor ideas.


Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

i've loved this idea since christy told me about it. seeing the art in action at her house was so neat. super tip amy!!!

kristenita said...

the nails/magnet thing is THE COOLEST idea ever. you are the coolest ever, amy!

Megan Jo Eddie said...

I'm going to hang up the paper you bought for my birthday just like this. You always have the bestest ideas. Is that copying ? Sorry