Monday, November 17, 2008

Tipster Alert: Amy Hulse!

I would like to introduce our Tipster for November: Amy Hulse. She is a lovely lady, with a beautiful family, and excellent design ideas for your home! She grew up in a family where they moved a lot, and a mom who loved to create a new home each time. Her mom has a design firm, and her brother is an architect. So, expressive ideas are definitely in her family genes. Amy loves to find a different approach, and her current is house is a beautiful, modern, work-in-progress. She also really enjoys finding great deals, so she is perfect for your designer! This week she will post some great tips for all of us, and make sure you ask any questions you might have! Amy will be hanging around here through Friday, and I am definitely ready for some new creative visions. Please welcome my sweet friend and fair-weather jogging buddy to the tipspot!

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