Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bags 4 Darfur

As part of our theme of giving service this month, a reader rachel sent us to this fantastic website, This lovely lady, Joyce, makes eclectic bags from vintage fabrics, and each day sells one to the highest bidder. Then she donates the money to aid Darfur. Let me explain that a little further. The U.N. has called the situation in Darfur one the "worst humanitarian crisis" in the world. Several hundred thousand people have died in the last 5 years since this political arena has become thwarted by angry militants and governmant problems. Please read more about the situation in Darfur here. There are horrible situations around our globe, and it is hard to be able to help out all those who need it. This lovely woman has just solved two of your problems: first, you will be giving aid to some of those who desperately need it, and also a bonus of a fantastic bag that someone on your list is sure to love! Here is a taste of what she does:

"angel wax" bag. high bid: $90

"life" bag. high bid: $87

All of her bags start at $45, and you have until 8pm to get your bidding in. Just leave a comment on the post. If today's bag doesn't strike your fancy, then keep returning until you find one or three, that do. I do not know Joyce, but her sacrifice of personal time to aid so many, other herself is incredibly touching. A curtsy to you, Joyce.

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